New Tennessee Roofer Law

 New Tennessee Roofer Law

new tennessee roofer law

Passed July 1, 2012 Tennessee Senate Bill 2714 says that roofers working on insurance claims must be licensed public adjusters. What is an adjuster? Here are some resources to help you understand the changes. Link to the 2012 law. Essentially it makes roofers comply with the 2006 TPALA.

All businesses that advertise, “Insurance Claims Experts” need to have licensed Public Adjusters 

The 2006 TPALA law defines public adjusting in the state. Link to the law. To become a licensed Public Adjuster (PA) one must:
1. Pass a State Exam  - Business Alliance Group  615-866-9274 offers classes to help you pass the exam. (They are state-wide).
2. Obtain a surety bond for $50k and an Errors and Omissions policy for $500k (typically your insurance agent can help). If you need quotes the Business Alliance Group (number above) has helped a number of roofers recently.
3. get fingerprinted Click here for locations
4. Submit an application Click here for pdf

Article: New law aimed at helping homeowners.

The New Tennessee Roofer Law operates on an individual basis. Ie., each person negotiating on behalf of an insured needs to be licensed. A company does not get licensed – its members do. More on the topic.

New Tennessee Roofer Law Resources:
An article written by a Nashville based attorney, Gaylord Gardner.
An article published in the insurance industry magazine Insurance Journal.
An article in the law blog, Property Insurance Coverage covering roofers using the term “insurance claims experts.”
Youtube video on what a Public Adjuster is – an advocate.
Another Youtube video demonstrating how PAs work.
Another article on the topic by Thomas Nybeck, a law firm

Lawyer turned adjuster, Masood Kahn:
We do not let our lawyers, doctors, real estate and insurance agents, etc. engage in their professions without being licensed. Even our mechanics and our hairstylists are regulated and held to a certain minimum standard. Accordingly, individuals negotiating and compromising the rights of policyholders, particularly after they have suffered a loss, must be regulated, licensed and held to a higher standard.”

–>As roofers we can set ourselves apart from the competition by becoming licensed public adjusters. Spread the word and let other roofers know about the new Tennessee roofer law. Direct them to this website and let them read the links.

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